The goal of the 7th International Conference Reverse Logistics – Packaging is:

  • presentation of the legal, economic and organizational aspects of closing the supply chain and the practical sides of circular economy,
  • support in fulfilling the obligation of recovery and recyclinge of packaging waste according to the recent law ammendments,
  • presentation of new trends on current promotion of secondary raw materials’ market trends for companies interested in working according to the best known practicesdealing of waste and promotion of with Zero Waste idea.

The Conference is dedicated to

Entities related with the law: “Act on packaging management and packaging waste”, such as:

  • packaging recovery organizations,
  • entities who transfer packaging waste and packaging products on UE territory,
  • producers who distribute products in packaging,
  • entities who export packaging waste, packaging and products in packaging,
  • companies which recycle or recover packaging waste (mills, paper mills, recycling facilities),
  • entities who introduce packaging (e.g. manufacturers, importers),
  • entities who introduce packaged products (e.g. manufacturers).


  • entrepreneurs who want to have recent knowledge on waste management regulations, especially the latest ammandments of law,
  • entrepreneurs who want to make sure that their waste reports are correct,
  • entrepreneurs who want to be well prepared for environmental audits and who want to have knowledge of the most common irregularities waste management duties’ fullfillment,
  • entrepreneurs involved in waste management – especially by collection and treatment of waste – who want to know the latest trends and directions of development in this.