Eko Cykl Packaging Recovery Organization Inc. is a company with great experience in the field of packaging and packaging waste management. It has been established in 2002, as one of the first recovery organizations on the Polish market. The subject-matter of the activity carried out by Eko Cykl Packaging Recovery Organization Inc. involves taking over the obligation of fillers to ensure recovery and recycling of package waste from manufacturers, importers and commercial units. It is EPR scheme. The company conducts also trainings and audits.

Eko Cykl Packaging Recovery Organization Inc. has been always deeply involved in ecological issues. Therefore, the company’s activities often exceed the statutory requirements.  Therefore Eko Cykl Packaging Recovery Organization Inc. was the first organization registered in the Environment – Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Another example is organization the international conference “Reverse Logistics “. We believe that such ventures let us pay attention to the importanc of recycling and of its need of dynamic development.



M&M Consulting – environmental advisor company. The mission of M&M Consulting is promotion of sustainable business development. The company encourage to/support the implementation/ to implement up-to-fate environmental management solutions.

M&M Consulting works experts who also cooperate with Eko Cykl Packaging Recovery Organization Inc. Our experts have reach experience in environmental protection, environmental management and waste management.

M&M Consulting is also a publisher of environmental protection magazines. These magazines are dedicated to: “Minio&Aniela” children, “Recovery Logistics” entrepreneurs and academia, “SeniorLO 50+” active seniors.

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