Reverse Logistics Conference – Waste

The goal of the III International Conference Reverse Logistics – Waste is:

  • to give a possibility to exchange opinions on waste – to – energy solution between its supporters and opponents,
  • to aknowledge participants with the history and importance of W-t-E of municipal waste in Poland and all over the world,
  • to present ecological, legal and economic aspects of W-t-E,
  • to present a new trends and directions, applied technologies and the best practices in the field of W-t-E.


  • familiarize participants with changes in waste management regulations,
  • presenting the most common problems in law interpretation and indicating the best solutions of theise problems,
  • identification of main irregularities in waste management,
  • giving information about the most frequent post-inspection recommendations and their possible implementation.

3rd International Conference reverse Logistics – Waste is dedicated to:

  • enterpreneurs and importers introducing products in packagings (fillers)
  • entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions dealing with the waste management,
  • representatives of the public authorities,
  • representatives of universities, scientific institutes and students.

The conference will give the answers to questions:

  • entrepreneurs who want to have recent knowledge with waste management regulations, especially the latest and planned law ammendments,
  • entrepreneurs who want to make sure that their waste reports are correct,
  • entrepreneurs who want to be well prepared for environmental audits and who want to have knowledge about the most common irregularities which appear during fulfill ment of waste management obligations,
  • entrepreneurs involved in waste management – especially by collection and treatment of waste – who want to know the latest trends and directions of waste management development.


Patron - COBRO Patron - Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

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